Always think of who your target market is when selling your house.  This downtown condo needed to feel more urban and suitable for a young professional.  This couple simply outgrew their space after they had a baby.  They had too much furniture and baby ‘stuff’.

BEFORE – this young couple had definitely outgrown out of their 1 bedroom condo once they had a baby
AFTER – removing the baby items was very important to appeal to the buyers. A fresh coat of neutral paint throughout the entire condo was the first step. Adding bold drapes to frame the patio door also makes the room look wider.  Renting accessories from Styled & Staged helped pull the colours together
BEFORE – This room looked like a bowling alley since everything was lined up along the wall and the patio doors had broken vertical blinds
AFTER – buying table and borrowing another sofa helped show buyers the full potential of the space.  Notice how adding an area rug also helps define the two living spaces and makes the room look wider


AFTER – notice how the colours flow from room to room to expand the space visually. Bold artwork add the ‘wow’ factor to neutral walls
AFTER – showing that there is enough space for an eat-in kitchen is important. They didn’t have a table but we brought in the patio set that they weren’t using
BEFORE – the huge TV on the wall was functional but it didn’t add any colour for the photos. The playpen was replaced with the dining table.
AFTER – the room is visually pleasing from all angles
BEFORE – this bedroom had way too much furniture and needed new linens
BEFORE – this bedroom had an adjoining area that they were using as their nursery. The potential buyers wouldn’t buy this condo if they had a family so I removed the crib for the photos. Once buyers get to the condo they will see the potential.
AFTER – new linens and a coat of paint really complimented the rental artwork. Once the crib was removed from the ‘den’ buyers can see the space as a home office or sitting area
BEFORE – this den would not appeal to young professionals without kids
AFTER – the possibilities are endless for this den.  We used the ‘change table’ as a desk








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