Homeowner’s often don’t have enough furniture and don’t want to buy new furniture knowing that they are moving out of the country or don’t know what they’re moving to.

Buying second hand items is a fast and inexpensive way to fill a room and can easily be sold the same way after the house is sold for the same price.  Renting furniture from large rental companies for empty rooms can be very expensive in todays market when homes can sit for several  months before they’re sold.

This dining table and chairs set  was bought for a couple hundred dollars and the leather chair in the corner that matched their sofa was only one hundred.  They may not be in the best condition but they will definitely be able to resell them.  Buyers really need to see the scale of the room and they can’t when there is no furniture in them.  They aren’t buying the furniture but they need to know if THEIR furniture will fit in the space.

Renting props from Styled & Staged was necessary to give the ‘wow’ factor as you walked in the front door.

BEFORE – this is the formal living dinning room and the first impression when you walk in the house
AFTER – with the help of buying a table/chairs on Kijiji we were able to set this room up properly . Replacing the foam squares with another area rug and installing a chandelier were huge improvements.



BEFORE – everyone knows that the family room is the heart of the home so it really needed to show better.


AFTER – We brought in one of the sofas from the living room to show how much seating is possible.  Since there was so much hardwood flooring we added a huge rug to soften the room. Again rentals from Styled and Staged helped finish the room. Always showcase the fireplace since that is what buyers are buying.  Notice how the colours flow from the living/dining room.  This is important in open concept homes.
BEFORE – when selling a ‘family’ home you want the kids to walk into a bedroom and take claim of it
AFTER – simply removing extra pieces of furniture and moving things around made a huge difference. Adding bright cheery linens and accessories gave the room an instant boost.  The walls were also given a fresh coat of paint
BEFORE – the bunk beds completely blocked the window and this room was only for one child so we only kept the top bunk to show how large the room really is
AFTER – this room has so much more personality for a child to walk in and want it. Adding bright drapes helped frame the window and complimented the linens and artwork
BEFORE – home offices are in high demand so showcase them to their fullest. Shelves are very important in an office but they shouldn’t be the first thing you see when you walk in since they always look cluttered
AFTER – removing the unnecessary furniture and moving the desk around helped to open up the room. Longer drapes and artwork were the finishing touches.  The walls were also given a fresh coat of paint.  This room can easily be a 4th bedroom or a home office.



Heather creates lasting impressions transforming any house into a home. Styled&Staged take your space from from Drab to Fab!


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