Sometimes all it takes is adding pops of colour and removing extra items to make the photos for the MLS to look amazing.  Unfortunately ‘living’ in a house and living in a ‘staged’ house can be a bit difficult.  The truth is, the more you do upfront and live with some ‘inconveniences’ the quicker your house will sell.  The house has to be priced right and look great.

Before: This room is super comfortable and practical but it lacked colour for photos. Again, staging is about making the photos for the MLS look good. I was able to use their artwork elsewhere.
kochar family room
After: Bringing in bold artwork and complimentary accessories was all this room needed. The artwork also added depth to the room. The area rug added softness to the hardwood, leather and metal. The room now feels lighter and larger I specifically chose this artwork to keep the integrity of the house. The columns and arched doorways have a traditional feel to them. Dispersing the pops of red around all the adjoining rooms also makes the space feel larger.
Before: When listing your house you want your rooms to look as large as possible so buyers can visualize their own furniture in the room. You want them to be looking at the ‘space’ and not all your ‘stuff’.
kochar living
After: I used the homeowner’s lovely area rug as the colour inspiration. They rented my artwork and accessories for a cohesive look. I love their modern artwork so I was able to use it in their master bedroom. Plants are always great but I just spread them around the house.
Before: The homeowner was storing a few extra pieces of furniture but they needed to remove them for staging. The room is very large but it looked too long and narrow with everything lined up along the walls.
kochar dining room
After: A simple way to make a room look wider is by adding side panel drapes. The extra-long drapes also gave the room grandeur and elegance. The colour was picked up from the rented large artwork. The artwork also gave another source of colour and a focal point. We also removed the hutch from the buffet but moved the buffet width wise under the window to create a more square shape room
Before: Unfortunately selling your home sometimes means losing some of your normal everyday comforts. I was very reluctant to ask the homeowners to remove their large reclining loveseat and oversized TV but they were very accommodating. This house has a spectacular fireplace but it was completely lost. I wanted it to be the focal point.
kochar master
After: We were all excited to use their artwork from other rooms to give this room the ‘wow’ factor. Since the fireplace is quite contemporary the artwork was perfect and it tied in with their linens. Removing the attached mirror and adding a new contemporary one completely updated the furniture too. Buying matching chairs to flank the fireplace completely changed the look of the room. The fireplace is now the focal point and the room looks wider

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