Last weekend I visited my FAVOURITE stores in Toronto and came out so inspired.  Whenever I watch home shows on TV all the furnishings are usually supplied by ELTE, Potter Barn and Crate & Barrel. It’s very exciting seeing everything in person instead of just on TV.  The three stores are very different from each other in terms of price point and style (levels of formality) but I definitely noticed a few common trends amongst all three stores.

Black and Gold

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As soon as I walked into Elte I was drawn into the this vignette of oversized accessories in the stunning matt black/gold combination. It looks so elegant with glass tables or wooden tables  for a contrast.  I love how sculptural everything is.


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Incorporating different shades of gray/gold textiles and dark gray paint really warm up the gold/black combination and creates so many layers of interest. This such a soothing and timeless colour palette to live in.  The cream sofa really pops and ties in with the oversized artwork.


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So many of the light fixtures where in the dull gold finish which looks stunning with other metals as well. Each light fixture was a piece of art by itself. I was getting a sore neck from looking up all afternoon 🙂

Oversize Accessories

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All the accessories were very oversized. Less is more. You only need a few accessories to give you the ‘wow’ factor.  Nature inspired elements with a modern twist are also on trend.


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I found the similar accessories and ‘feel’ in each store.  It was nice to see different price points so anyone can incorporate them in their own home decor


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Since everything is oversized, you don’t need to go overboard, Just a few items are all you need.


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A few items on a tray by the bed are functional and decorative. These items have a luxurious feel to them.


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Interest was created by mixing metals, mirror, textures, textiles, oversize artwork and oversize accessories. Even the lamps are very oversized and everything looks great.







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