“Why didn’t I think of That?”

You Will Be Amazed how Simple Changes Can Transform your Home.

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Just Starting a Project?

You have a great idea for a room, but don't know where to start or how to turn that idea into a real plan.

Struggling To Get Things Finished?

You've spent countless hours trying to complete your project and you're frustrated choosing styles, trends and options.

Or Just Feeling Overwhelmed?

Sometimes you just want a second opinion and someone to guide you so you can start enjoying your home.

You've Watched all the home Decor Shows, Searched online but you still want more help

That's what Inspired Me

As a Professional Home Stylist and Stager.

Everyday, I’m asked the same or similar questions so I wanted to create a space where I can share my experiences and give answers so real people can feel good about their homes.  Clients always say,  “I wish I had done these changes for myself”, “why didn’t I think of that?” or “where were you 5 years ago when I bought this house?”.

My Styled Home Formula

It’s one thing to look at pretty pictures but we often need the ‘how-to’ and the ‘why’ steps to connect a photo into an actual plan. Over the 15+ years, I’ve created a design formula that will work in any home.  Now you can learn how to transform a room without costing a fortune.  Enjoy your own beautiful home from personal tips from a no-nonsense stylist.

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Introducing Styled Home Living

Styled Home Living is a membership site where I teach my design principals as well as give answers to your questions.  The members have access to the information as well as have a venue to share their knowledge.

It’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of finding joy in your Styled Home.

Direct and Personal Support

You need me? I'm here!

All members get distraction free access to real-time advice, feedback and encouragement. Our interactive community groups are going 24/7 and I’m there every single day answering questions.  Benefit from the other members viewpoints and experiences, and know that you will always get a personal answer from me.


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Home Decor Webinar

Weekly Live Classes


Join interactive live online question and answer sessions​ . We hold real live how-to case studies online each week. Covering the latest hot topics applied to member requests, these sessions are your opportunity to ask anything you want of Heather – and get answers in real time.


Eliminate the Guesswork


Follow along for ideas and examples you can implement quickly and see real changes. Apply my quick fixes where I will show you how to make changes instantly.  

My Styled Home helpful tips will guide you through common projects and are geared towards helping you enjoy your home.

You can even use the Members-Only Styling Request to ask for a walk-through on something you need.


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Create Beautiful Spaces


Learn how to become your own stylist and transform your house into a beautiful home. It’s not about having a perfect home, instead, Heather encourages you to create a space that says something about who you are and your personal style of living.


What Makes Styled Home Living Different?

Access To Expertise

20+ Years Experience as a Professional Stylist and Staging Professional

Peer Support

Talk with like-minded supportive friends who are building their Styled Home.

Case Studies

We review my "before and after" case studies from real clients.

DIY Videos

Watch Step-by-step video tutorials on current projects.


Stay up to date with the latest decor trends and sales.


Lists of products, stores, partners, experts and featured guests.

Guest Experts Are Here to Help You

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Heather Maduk


With 20+ years in the home styling and staging industry, I’ve been privileged to be involved with thousands of clients and homes that had all sorts of challenges. I’ve covered a diverse range of topics from – picking the right colors, placing items in the right place, to what to buy and were to put it and everything in between. – helping great clients to achieve fantastic results.

My Goal For You


Now my focus is on teaching clients just like you to create stunning spaces in your own styled home. 

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we have hundreds of satisfied clients