For my husband’s birthday last night I wanted a masculine table setting for his party. The fastest and cheapest way to accomplish this is to look at nature in your own backyard for a centre piece. Even though it’s between Thanksgiving and Christmas there are still lots of natural elements to gather.

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The perfect time of year for berries.
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Choosing darker masculine colours was my starting point. The black vase and iron candle stick holders set the mood.
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The paper napkins from Loblaws were my colour inspiration. I always prefer cloth napkins but I liked the colours and patterns on these paper ones. The sturdy textured faux leather charger plates also make the table setting feel rustic and adds texture. Notice how I still used our silverware and gold rimmed china dishes. USE your favourite dishes as often as you can. Don’t just save them for company. YOU deserve the best too 🙂  Make every day a celebration.
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I literally went to the garden and gathered berries, greenery, twigs and pinecones from the yard for this look.
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I loved how it looked at the end. No roses or frilly things for my guy 🙂

Hug your home 🙂


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