How Hiring Styled & Staged Saved Hundreds of Dollars


When I first walked into this open concept townhouse I noticed that there were only the two chairs in the living room.  I didn’t know where to sit since there were three of us at the meeting.  Two chairs were fine for the homeowners however, for Staging purposes, we really want to appeal to the masses. This is a great family/entertaining home so I wanted to stage every room to the best of my ability.  The Realtor was all ready to go to the furniture rental store with me after the consultation since she was expecting to rent furniture.

This is Where the Magic Begins:

I love exploring a house to see if I can pull pieces of furniture from different areas.  After a quick walk through, I  was very pleased to find a way to use the homeowner’s furniture and every room was going to look amazing. Yay, NO  furniture rentals required = Big Savings!

Not only did this save hundreds of dollars in rental fees, it also meant that we could get the house on the market immediately to earn more in the hot Spring market. Always take the time to shop in your own home first!

IMG 3585

IMG 3873

This lovely sofa was in the TV room in the basement but it was perfect for this room.  Since this is the first impression of  the house, it was more important to showcase this room as a true living room. They had another sofa in a loft area that was put in the TV room.  I think every single piece of furniture was moved in this house! 🙂

Create Zones in Open Concept Living:

IMG 3587

IMG 3872

Replacing the dining room light fixture with a more modern and larger pendant helped define the area.  Light fixtures are like the jewelry of an outfit so it has to complement the rest of the room.  It actually defines the style of the room.

IMG 3590

IMG 3881

The oversized area rug defines the zones more than anything.  All the living room furniture is sitting on the carpet so the so the space is grounded.  Since the colour of the carpet is the same as the furniture and the walls, it expands the space and makes it feel larger.

Even the black bar stools define where the kitchen starts.

Look For A Source of Inspiration:

IMG 3588

The only real colours that I needed to incorporate in the design were the apple green cabinet and the boarded kitchen island.  Since there was a woven roman blind in the dining room as well, I immediately felt the house needed to be bright, happy and relaxed with a touch of coastal décor.

IMG 3875

Resting the artwork on the green cabinet gives a more casual look as well. Little touches like the black lantern also create the coastal feel.

IMG 3895

IMG 3877

Notice how there are pops of green, coral, turquoise and black throughout each zone for a cohesive flow.  The artwork in the dining room pulls everything together.

IMG 3898

IMG 3892

Woven baskets, blue glass, textured cushions and greenery all create a relaxed feeling to the room.

Bold Accessories:

In open concept rooms, you don’t want to add too much or it can look cluttered quickly.  Less is more and bigger is better in staging. The large round metal clock above  the fireplace is the focal point as soon as you walk in.  Since the fireplace isn’t centred, the large palm tree beside it helps to balance everything out.

IMG 3874

I love how this room came together just by using the homeowner’s furniture.  Styled & Staged brought in all the accessories to take it from a ‘Staged’ house to a house with ‘Style’.

Stay tuned for future blogs on the bedrooms of this house.  It just went on the market today and I’m sure it will sell very quickly.

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