This townhome had an instant make-over that will appeal to anyone wanting to get into the real estate market.  It’s all about know who your buyers and demographics are when staging your home.

IMG_0282 (800x510)
BEFORE – this dining room needed colour and help defining it’s space.
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AFTER – although the window already had blinds for privacy the added drapes gave the room some elegance and much needed colour. We continued the colour through to the living room.
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BEFORE – the granite in the bold brick colour and brass surround really dominated the room. My goal was to incorporate it with the décor instead of standing out.
IMG_0711 (800x533)
AFTER – painting the majority of the brass with heat retardant paint updated the fireplace. I also hung a bolder darker metal mirror and black accents on the mantle so it looked balanced. Adding artwork with the teal from the dining room and the brick from the fireplace made it easy to pull the room together. I found the room dark so bringing in a big lamp and adding the ivory rug brightened up the room instantly without having to paint.
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BEFORE – never underestimate the value of a finished basement when selling a smaller townhome.
IMG_0744 (800x533)
AFTER – this finished basement is now cozy and inviting and really adds value to the house!
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BEFORE – this master bedroom had a lot of wood furniture and I could hardly open the door without rubbing the bed.
IMG_0722 (800x533) - Copy
AFTER – by removing the headboard and footboard we gave the room at least 6 inches. Since the window was short it made perfect sense to put the bed under the window and frame it with drapes.
BEFORE – simply moving the furniture around made a huge different.
IMG_0723 (800x516) - Copy
AFTER– we were still able to keep both dressers to show buyers the room is actually very large for a two people.
BEFORE – this room looked long and narrow the bed going in this direction. Removing the headboard also ate up a lot of the room.
AFTER – we were still able to keep the beautiful hand made quilt but I added artwork, drapes and a few accessories to bring the room to life and make it appealing for a young family.
BEFORE – it would have been nice to show this room as a third bedroom but I can only work with the furniture I have at the time.
AFTER – this office is now inviting and buyers will be able to see themselves working there and it’s open enough that they can still visualize it as a bedroom if that is what they want.




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