Tomorrow, April 5trh is the Grand Opening for the HomeSense in Barrhaven where the mayor will be attending. As a VIP, I had the special treat of a two hour visit this morning  It was amazing walking into a brand new store with everything perfectly lined up and stacked properly.

They did a great job with their displays and it was easy to see certain décor trends/styles for Spring 2016.


Different shades of blues and greens are still EVERYWHERE.  These colours are perfect for the beach feel for the summer.  Even if you don’t live on the water or a have a pool, you can still be inspired by these colours and add some fun trendy accessories on your deck, balcony, bathroom or anywhere else you want the ‘spa’ feeling.

opening day 7 - Copy - Copy
Natural elements like drift wood, rope, bark, twigs and raffia all add to the ‘beach’ feel.
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Drift wood can also be easily found in nature along the shoreline. If you find large enough pieces they even look fun attached to the wall as a piece of sculptural art.
opening day 17
There is so much artwork with all the different shades of blues, greens and aqua that it makes it easy to pull different accent colours in the room.  Just a word of caution….I love these textured pictures with the gel texture to them since they look more like an oil painting, but PLEASE be careful where you hang them.  Since they are shiny in spots from the glaze, make sure the sun doesn’t reflect too much or you won’t be able to tell what the picture is.  If the lighting is fine, they look amazing. For Staging purposes I use canvas artwork so the colours are more vibrant and there isn’t any reflection from the sun or even the camera flash.
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For those that want a real ‘theme’ HomeSense will sure to please you.

opening day 15 - Copy

opening day 5 - Copy

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For those that don’t want such a ‘literal’ translation of the theme, they have wonderful glass accessories in the same colour palette. These items are ideal for getting a big impact when I’m Staging a house.


The classic gray,black, gold  and white are still very hot and elegant.  Although these are more for interiors, they can certainly be incorporated in outdoor living. This vignette was very similar to the one that was displayed in Elte, Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel in Toronto last month.  It’s nice to have different affordable price points with the similar looks for everyone.

opening day 3 - Copy - Copy - Copy

The fun part is creating different looks using bold accent colours to change things up.

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Once you have your classic furniture, you can have so much fun adding different pops of colour. Notice all the different textures and how everything is oversized!
opening day2 - Copy - Copy
Colours for everyone and anyone’s décor.


opening day 13 - Copy
Oversized vessels and planters in all colours and sizes are another huge trend. The containers make such a statement, you don’t even need to fill them. You will see different planters in other pictures here on this blog.
opening day 14
Have fun and don’t be afraid of adding colour to your outdoor spaces. In natural light, colours are automatically faded a bit from the sunlight so go bold. These colours also look great in gardens with all of natures beautiful flowers.


opening day 11 - Copy
Organic materials like natural woods and different stones are very popular for everyday purposes. I love these wood cutting boards, bowls, platters and containers.  Everyone is unique and a piece of art in itself.
opening day 12 - Copy
Mixing marble, quartz, glass and wood are the perfect blend for an updated look. These make wonderful gifts.

opening day 16Styled & Staged had another successful shopping spree. These items are all going in a Staging tonight. So happy to have this new convenient location.


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