Holiday Gift Certificate Thanks

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Thanks! Here's what happens next.

Check Your Inbox.

I’ve just sent you an email with all the details of your gift purchase.  Just reply with the details on who’s going to receive the gift and I’ll make sure to get everything ready.

If you have more questions or maybe a special request just send an email to 

Yes, I’ll email you an attached gift certificate right after you send me the recipients details. You’ll be able to print it our or send it in an email.

The membership start only after you send in the the persons details and after January 1st of 2021

It’s exactly the same!  a full membership with all the benefits.  At the end of the term we’ll give the member the opportunity to continue their membership at the regular price or just cancel.

There’s no obligation to stay a member.  When the purchased time runs out they’ll be given a chance to continue as a paid member.

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