Five Key Benefits For Homeowners

  1. Let an expert look at your home with an  objective eye.  We decorate a home differently when selling.  It’s temporarily taking some of the ‘personality’ out until you move to your next home.
  2. Heather knows the latest colour and decorating trends that are appealing to a wide range of buyers.
  3. Heather works closely with the homeowner to ensure that the staging recommendations  actually get done.  It can be extremely overwhelming to tackle this on your own.
  4. Working as a team speeds up the process for beautiful photos on your MLS listings.  This means more traffic to your house.
  5. Heather uses as much of the homeowners’ belongings to keep the cost down.  She also has items that she can bring in at a very reasonable price if desired

It’s All About Creating An Atmosphere

When it comes to selling a house, homeowners do one of two things.  They either do nothing, expecting and hoping that the house will sell by itself or they go to the extreme and turn their home into a boring white box.  Neither option is ideal.

A Home Stager is a resale decorator who helps homeowners spruce up their house in as little time and with as little money possible for the benefit of selling the house quickly and for more money. I use as much of the homeowners existing furnishings as possible. I may recommend painting a few walls, remove certain items or add some additional pieces for the ‘wow’ factor. I have an inventory of accessories that I can rent on a monthly basis and I can also assist with renting furniture through a supplier.

Homeowners have to understand that when they are selling a house they have to emotionally remove themselves for the biggest gain.  Think of who is going to buy the house.  Is it a young couple with small kids, a retired couple, or a family with older teenagers?  All of these factors will influence how I ‘stage’ the house for resale.  Buyers want to be able to see themselves moving in and not having to do much decorating until they are ready.  I ask homeowners not to take my recommendations personally.  I only have everyone’s best interests in mind.  I enhance and enrich the positive qualities in the house and minimize the negative qualities.  When selling a home, homeowners have to be prepared to live a little differently.

There are so many properties on the market right now that it is crucial to have your house stand out and be remembered.  People don’t just buy a house – they are buying a desired or perceived lifestyle.  My job is to make potential buyers walk through the front door, and become emotionally attached to the house. We want buyers to actually be able to see, feel and hear themselves living in your house.

Paying a bit of cash up front and doing some minor labor not only ensures that your house will sell for more money but it also removes the emotional stress of having a house on the market for an extended period of time.  There is a price for everything!

Clients Are Saying…..

“Heather’s ability to use what you have to display your house at its best is outstanding. Her agreeable personality made it a pleasure working with her.”’ E. Horeman – Ottawa

“When I was selling my rental property I had to count on my agent and Heather to make sure the house was ready to sell since I was out of the country. Heather chose neutral paint colours to give all the rooms a clean and current look. The house was empty but everything was perfect to move into. I was very pleased that the property sold so quickly once it was ready to put on the market”. P. Adam – Ottawa

“Heather’s recommendations made a huge difference and that is why we got our asking price and it sold in a week. She made the house look bigger, fresher and it caught people’s attention when they walked in. I recommended her to a neighbour since I know it helped me so much.” R. Prot – Ottawa

“ We really like the new furniture arrangement. It makes more sense and the furniture looks more related and has a better flow. Now the house has a warmer feeling and perhaps a bit more elegance. The new formal living room also has more of a sophisticated feel to it. You were a tremendous help and we appreciated every suggestion. I must say, my husband was very receptive to your ideas, in fact, he said that most of the arrangements you suggested, he was initially going to do when he first moved in but never got around to it.” N. Testa Ottawa

“Thank you for pointing us in the right direction with a reasonable “to do” list while ensuring that the time we put into the house was directed at the most important places that would help with the sale. The quick and easy changes transformed our once nice condo into a place where I actually wondered why I was moving. Your service was friendly, professional and with certainty helped to sell our house in just over 1 month. Everyone that came through the house was impressed with the tasteful decor. Thanks again Heather for all your effort.” Nevin and Nicole – Ottawa

Let’s work together as a team and make dreams come true.


Heather creates lasting impressions transforming any house into a home. Styled&Staged take your space from from Drab to Fab!


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