Small condos can be a challenge to stage since every inch counts.  You need it to look functional and spacious at the same time.  Storage is always an issue in every condo so you also need to make sure it doesn’t look like you’ve outgrown the space or potential buyers may feel that they will quickly as well.

It’s a natural progression for a young couple to buy a condo, have a great downtown lifestyle and then when they have a family they realize that they want to live in the suburbs. How do you stage a condo when you have a baby?  It’s very hard for homeowners but if it’s promoted to the right target market hopefully it won’t be for sale long.

BEFORE – this room just needed a lot of edited and a few large pieces of furniture removed.
AFTER – fortunately the homeowners had stunning photography stretched on canvas and framed so that was the entire theme and colour  inspiration for the condo. Pulling the indigo blue accent colour made a huge difference



BEFORE – there was just too much furniture in this room. The decorative clock on the wall looked very cool in person but in a photo it just looked strange so they remove it. Remember to always use few large accent pieces when staging to have nice looking photos
AFTER – decluttering and simplifying the storage units made a huge difference. Adding fresh greenery kept the light and airy feel of the condo
BEFORE – I was so impressed how the homeowners used every square inch to their advantage
AFTER – now buyers will look forward to enjoying a coffee or glass of wine as they look at their view of Parliament Hill
BEFORE – this make-shift clothing rack screamed that the homeowners had outgrown their space. Young single buyers or couples don’t necessarily want to see a crib in their room either
AFTER – now this room feels as calm and serene as their beautiful artwork. Just adding a few pops of colour around the room gave it interest but still left a neutral canvas for buyers.  It’s not ideal, but you can always use a folding play pen as a crib for the short time that the house is on the market.
BEFORE – closet doors are always falling off  but when you’re selling your home you don’t want all your personal items on display all the time. It also looks very cluttered in photos
AFTER – a simple solution is a curtain rod and drape panels from IKEA
BEFORE – this second bedroom was used as both an office as well as the changing room and reading room for the baby
BEFORE – home offices are very popular so I wanted them to keep the desk (especially since they didn’t have a bed to showcase it as a bedroom).
AFTER – removing the change table was possible since the desk can double duty as a change table and all the supplies are hidden in baskets above the desk. Removing the orange birds and nest decals make the tree decal more sophisticated and less juvenile. Homeowners still need to be able to function so the rocking chair stayed.
BEFORE – this renovated kitchen is a show stopper. Having a washer/dryer in your own unit is a huge selling feature in a condo – You just don’t want to see it as you walk into the kitchen


AFTER – adding a drape fixed the view. Showcasing all the little details like the corner shelves adds value to your space as well
AFTER –  finishing the backsplash tile behind the sink removes any questions the buyers might have of an unfinished renovation. Everything is complete and it’s in move-in ready condition with a fresh coat of paint too. The condo has a wonderful open concept layout that is great for entertaining!!



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