Enhance the Natural Beauty of Your Home When Staging

Here is an example of how to showcase the beautiful elements of this house, with paint colour.

As I walked in, I was captivated by all the slate, stone, travertine, pillars, wood and architectural details.  The homeowner’s obviously took great pride in building this unique masterpiece.

I have to preface that the BEFORE photos look messy since we were in the middle of editing the accessories and moving the furniture around.  I can assure you the house was not like this when I arrived!! The main thing that I want you to focus on is the paint colour.

I always take photos at my initial consultation to get a sense of how the photos will look on the MLS.  It’s amazing how you can be in a room and it looks and feels wonderful, but it might look different in photos. When I saw how dominant the gold colour was in my photos, I suggested that they repaint the walls.  I know I was asking a lot of them so I was thrilled when they happily agreed.


IMG 9953 Dawn Tara Afters 1 of 57

The new pewter paint colour really enhances the stunning inlay in the foyer.  By neutralizing the décor, you focussed more on the floor and the unique details.

IMG 9951

Dawn Tara Afters 2 of 57

Even the front door looked brand new with pewter colour.

Open Concept

When your entire main living space is open concept like this, it’s very important to have colour flow.  It’s also extremely important to have larger but fewer accessories to keep the sightlines calm.  Big items, give you big impact.

IMG 9982

Dawn Tara Afters 3 of 57

The new paint colour enhances the beauty of the stone and slate. You want to showcase what the buyers are actually buying.

Living Room

IMG 9961

We had already taken down their artwork work and put all the unnecessary accessories on the floor and coffee table. I like to remove everything and then slowly bring back only what is necessary.  It’s a hard process for some homeowners since they love their things.  You SHOULD love your ‘things’ since they all have memories for you, but when you’re moving, take them with you.  Less is more in Staging.

Dawn Tara Afters 6 of 57

Since the house is in the country, I brought in nature inspired artwork.  I also put “just enough” around the fireplace to make it the focal point of the room without hiding it.  The black accents work with the other black elements in the room.

IMG 9959Dawn Tara Afters 8 of 57

Adding just a few larger accessories help carry the colour through the space.  I pulled some of the slate blue from the stone work in the cushions, candles and glass container.

Bonus Sun Room

Dawn Tara Afters 23 of 57

This wonderful room is right off the living room for 3 season living. They didn’t paint this room since it blended with the wood ceiling.

Dawn Tara Afters 28 of 57

You want to take advantage of show casing every square inch when selling your home. Create an atmosphere that will invite buyers to visualize themselves living there.

Dining Room

IMG 9983

Once the walls were painted, we removed the area rug and drapes since they no longer went with the new colour scheme.

Dawn Tara Afters 9 of 57

One of the biggest features of this home is the huge private property with a sprawling lawn and forest.  There is no need for drapes.  Buyers will now see the view as the artwork.  The homeowner’s tall interior trees framed the window to help define the space as well.

Dawn Tara Afters 11 of 57

I still wanted to keep the accessories feeling rustic to blend with the house and the environement.

Dawn Tara Afters 13 of 57

I was able to bring in artwork and accessories that had all the colours and textures but didn’t overpower the room. It’s fun combining different elements to create an interesting vignette.


IMG 9965

Again, this clutter on the counter was only there since we were rearranging everything. This house is always spotless.

Dawn Tara Afters 15 of 57 Dawn Tara Afters 18 of 57

The stainless steel appliances and the backsplash really blend well with the new pewter colour.  In my opinion, the whole main living space felt larger with the new colour.

Buyers are looking for the current gray/taupe tones and want a house that is move-in ready.  I’m sure this house will not be on the market long.




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