Have fun creating different uses and looks with your pedestal platters. Here are just a few ideas to hopefully inspire you.  You can turn the ordinary into the extra-ordinary in minutes 🙂  
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I love using my cake pedestal platters to create a platform for my favourite things. The key is to have different heights and textures for interest. I cherish the sentimental value of my mom’s red cardinal with the rustic birch bark candles and berries.


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I’ve had these giant decorative acorns for years but I never used them since I didn’t like the way they looked sitting on a shelf but as soon as I put the grouping on the pedestal I really like it. It’s also so much easier for dusting and cleaning when you only have 1 plate to lift instead of several smaller pieces.


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These pedestal platters come in all sizes and colours now which makes it so easy to be creative. These were found in Michaels Craft Store, but I’ve also seen them in most stores like Pier 1, HomeSense and Bouclair. These platters are smaller and I can visualize them adorned with truffles or decorative finger cookies .


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I like the silver and white platters since they can be used all year long. These centre pieces literally take a few seconds to put together and you can use any coloured ornaments that fits with your décor. They are ideal for the dining table or coffee table. Depending how long your dining table is you could even do 2 or 3 in a row and they are also ideal for a round table.


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Keep adding elements that have the same ‘feel’ for a polished look. Adding gold to the silver and teal keeps it warm looking.


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Of course these platters were created for food and deserts. Look how elegant a few Asian Pears look on the silver platter.

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