Create Zones in a Long Narrow Room

Decorating or Staging a long narrow room is extremely challenging.  No one wants to live in a bowling alley.

IMG_3973 (800x524)
BEFORE – I really wanted to remove the white wall unit since it encroached about 20inch into the room making it look narrower than it was. The long sofa table also added length.

As I walked into this room I couldn’t help but notice all the wasted space.  When you’re selling your house, every square inch of real estate is valuable!  All the furniture was lined up along the walls which emphasized it’s length and their very nice living room furniture was all pushed to the far end of the room. by the fireplace.  The ivory sofa also blocked off the entrance to the dining room.

Pineglen afters (17 of 22) (800x533) (800x533)
AFTER – removing the wall unit allowed us to rearrange the furniture so the living room was actually a lot larger. Since the furniture was horizontal it expanded the width with still lots of room for traffic flow. Since the hardwood was also in the vertical direction I used area rugs to help define the spaces and remove some of the stripes of the wood. I brought in a desk from another room and created a little reading and work area as you walk into the room. Now when you walk in the room you really notice the large pair of bay windows since nothing is blocking them.
Pineglen afters (16 of 22) (800x533) (800x533)
AFTER – who wouldn’t want to sit at this desk and enjoy all the sunlight flooding in the beautiful bay window. Notice the nice little bench cushion and pillows to give the window a purpose. Styled & Staged brought in the large artwork as focal point between the two zones and it also tied all the colours together.
Pineglen afters (1 of 22) (800x533)
AFTER – once the furniture was rearranged it opened up the space to the dining room which is great for entertaining and conversation. The red chairs flanked the fireplace and actually made the fireplace a bigger focal point. The ivory sofa looked great opposite the ivory fireplace surround. The ivory cast iron was a nice change from the traditional black that we normally see.
Pineglen afters (2 of 22) (800x533) (800x533)
AFTER – I wanted to put something large on the far wall but I also didn’t want to take away from the fireplace. Styled & Staged brought in this lovely metal artwork. Every room needs a touch of black. I liked how it carried through from the black countertops in the kitchen.
Pineglen afters (20 of 22) (800x533)
AFTER – adding a patterned runner, blue candles and blue bowl the table was appropriate for casual eating as well as more formal dining. When you only have one eating area, make sure that buyers can visualize all types of entertaining and everyday living.


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