You always need a source of inspiration when designing a room whether it’s for resale or for your own pleasure. The homeowner had just bought these linens so that set the tone for the room.

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The linens determined the wall colour.
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All the walls were painted in a soft gray. This colour is extremely versatile and it created a serene feeling.
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Since she only had one night table, we hung this vertical artwork for balance on the other side of the bed. This is a country home so the horse artwork fit in with the environment. Having a floor plant also anchored the artwork.
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This nook was the perfect place for the antique dresser. It left the room feeling open and spacious. Even though the window had a very high end blind, we adding floor to ceiling linen drapes to add softness and drama.
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Removing the attached mirror and replacing it with this metal round silver mirror instantly transformed the look. The mirror is large but the metal is very fine and delicate. Adding the linen gray runner with little pearls helped keep bridge the metal and the wood. Large accessories keep the look more current.




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