I’ve noticed a change in Ottawa Home Staging market. I used to stage houses only in the suburbs and down town Ottawa but lately I’ve been staging rural homes and even farm houses.

The process is the same but the end result are a bit different. Staging is always about appealing to the buyers. What appeals to a city slicker is quite different from the country lifestyle. It tends to be more relaxed, organic and rustic but still has the modern comforts.

I always bring in some accessories to put the ‘style’ into the listings. Suddenly I had to update my inventory to include staging accessories that are more appropriate to life outside the city limits.  You don’t want to put artwork of a New York city scape in a living room that is on the water front or a big field. You want artwork that has a more natural feel. You want to bring the outdoors in.

Just because a house is in the country doesn’t mean that you fill it with the lace and knickknacks!!! In fact, I still say ‘get rid of it’. The trend is for young buyers to move out to invest in a property with some land since they know that the developments will eventually make their way out there too.

5 Quick Tips for Home Staging a Country Home:

1. Choose appropriate artwork and accessories – think comfort
2. Drapes aren’t necessary for privacy, just texture – show case the view by exposing the glass
3. Choose appropriate flooring for the lifestyle – wet feet or muddy boots
4. Choose warm earthy colours for furniture/ accessories that blend with nature – no pastels
5. Spend more attention to the exterior since buyers are buying the land and the lifestyle as much as they are buying the house


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