A Complete Transformation of an Old House

The homeowners had lived in this house for over 50 years and it was time for them to downsize. Working on this house as like peeling an onion.  Every time we removed a layer of furniture, wall paper and tile it was like creating a new home.  The homeowners were very excited and kept wanting to do more. Once all the family members took the furniture that they wanted, the rest was sold if we weren’t going to use it for staging.  Sometimes, if the furniture isn’t going to appeal to the target market, you are better to leave the rooms empty with a few props to make the rooms memorable.

Step 1 – Empty House and Tear Down the Shelves by the DoorIMG 5488 800x533 1

Notice at the far end of the living room there is a closed in entrance that leads to the hallway.  We knew that if we removed the shelves and curtains, it would really open up the space.  Once all the furniture was removed the floors were retained and they now look brand new.  We went with a mid-walnut finish.

Step 2 – Refinish the Floors

IMG 3452

Removing the wooden valance and heaving drapes also helped showcase such a huge window.

IMG 5491 800x533 1

The fireplace is always the focal point of a room room but we didn’t have the budget to completely reface it, but a coat of charcoal paint completely updated it.

IMG 3548

Step 3 – Paint the Walls, Add New Moulding and Trim and Paint the Fireplace

The crown moulding and thicker baseboards are more noticeable with the darker paint colour on the walls.

IMG 5489 800x533 1

The brick didn’t look right with the new floor stain and the new paint colour. It looked way too yellow and dated. It was a scary decision to paint it, but at least buyers can imagine how it could look if it was refaced.

Step 4 – Retile the Hearth

IMG 3453

The hearth was retiled with the same tile that was laid in the hallway and kitchen.

IMG 5478

All the oversized antiques were cleared out of the dining room to show a modern space.  The light fixture was replaced and we brought in matching drapes from the living room so it reads as one large area. The room looks much more formal when the drapes go to the ground.  I used patterned drapes since the rest of the room was so simple.

Step 5 – Stage the House with Props from Styled & Staged

IMG 3454 800x533 1
IMG 5476

This is a two sided fireplace so we had to address the other side as well for continuity.

IMG 3552The 8 X 10 area rugs help define the room size for buyers when there is no furniture.  This is a great bonus room with multiple purposes.

Step 6 – Once the Other Rooms Looked so Nice, They Wanted to Transform the Entrance

IMG 2228
IMG 3473

New tile throughout the main entrance and into the kitchen replace the old laminate and chipped tile.  Everything looks so fresh and new.  Even the stair risers had a paint job. A new white door replaced the broken accordion door.

I’ve never put so much into staging a house but the homeowners were the ones leading the way so my job way help give them their desired look.  The realtor was very since she now has a beautiful home to sell.

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  1. I always enjoy looking at your beautiful transformations.
    It is a real skill to take such dated places and breathe in freshness & new materials to brighten and modernize a place! Not everyone is able to vision a space
    with different colours,textures, and window dressing. What a talent you have!!!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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