Classic Navy and Red Nautical Kid’s Room

There was nothing wrong with this bedroom before.  It was neutral and buyers could see where they would put their furniture.  However, when selling your home you also want to predict who your buyers are, based on the demographics etc.  I wanted this room to look more like a child’s bedroom.  There was another larger bedroom with a single bed so we switched all the furniture between the two rooms to make this room look bigger. I always see if the homeowners furniture is in the right placement and even the right rooms.  You would be amazed how simply changing furniture from one room to another can completely transform a room.  This is a perfect example.

IMG_4550 (800x533)
AFTER – we brought in the single bed and the furniture from the larger room and put the above furniture into that room.

Kids love having their beds cozy in a corner so this was the prefect fit for the single bed.  Switching the furniture really opened up the room to show lots of floor space which is ideal for playing.  Adding the bright red drapes and the nautical linens and accessories make the room more memorable when buyers are searching through the MLS photos.  Adding white drapes and the white runner also help make the room feel really fresh.  The tan colour works perfectly in this colour scheme. It keeps it looking sophisticated.  If the walls had been blue or white, it would have looked too loud. Think of the tan colour as the sand on a beach 🙂

IMG_4552 (800x533)
BEFORE – just the other angle from the same room


IMG_4896 (800x533)
AFTER – same angle

We brought in the furniture that I felt was more suitable for the nautical theme and put the other furniture into the girls room.



I feel in love with this anchor pillow and that was the entire inspiration to this room. It’s very hard to find children’s artwork for staging bedrooms. This room could be for either a boy or a girl and almost any age. I couldn’t find artwork anywhere that was suitable so I enlarged some photographs at Staples since they can print posters and then put them in IKEA picture frames. I was soooo excited how well they turned out.  I originally wanted to find a round life preserver to hang from the chair rail, but to be honest I think this artwork turned out even better!


Since there was a chair rail around the room at a higher height I had to become creative on how to show artwork by just leaning it on the highboy dresser. This was another photo I had enlarged and printed. Having the decorative items in front helped to balance the picture and give it more interest.


I love how this big red wooden sailboat with linen sails fits right into the theme. It’s both youthful and colourful.

IMG_4662 (640x427)

Since the room is so big so I had to keep filling it with ‘stuff’ to give it the ‘wow’ factor.  The solid navy comforter looked too boring. I found this nautical table cloth and it worked perfectly for a throw at the end of the bed to tie in with theme. It was just enough to keep with the theme and add more layers and textures.


I’ve had this old blue glass bottle with the shell motive for years and it was perfect. Use what you have in different ways to create some fun accessories on a budget. I now have a ‘room-in-a-box’ that I can put in other houses for staging purposes.



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