This upscale luxury condominium required a window design for the Holidays.  Since the building is still being completed there were limitations to what Styled & Staged could do. The Christmas window display is only for a few weeks until the main lobby will be completely transformed with the permanent decor.  The purpose of this display is to greet the new homeowners as they move into their brand new condo over the holidays. These condos range from $250,000 right up to 2 million.

Styled & Staged had one weekend to pull it all together from beginning to end. Mission accomplished!

Day 1Saturday

The building is still being completed. Over the blue plastic coverings will be stunning black marble.  My inspiration for the window display came from the the black and white signage plus the red and white holiday banners. These trendy urban condos are geared to the busy executive who enjoys a minimalistic yet decadent lifestyle.

Day 1 was spent visiting the job site, creating a concept, shopping for a tree, decorations, furniture and accessories. Our only instruction was to put a tree in the window.

Day 2 – Sunday

The Styled and Staged team went to work revealing the beautiful gray/white marble floors that were still under drop sheets.

We put up the Christmas tree and started to fill in the remaining window front with a few accessories to create an atmosphere.

When creating  window displays the key to success to keep it simple, bold and graphic.  They’re fun to do since you don’t need much but every single detail has to be carefully planned and everything has to have a purpose and make a statement.   The purpose is to grab the attention of on-lookers as they drive and/or walk by.  The window should ‘tell a story’ within seconds.

Red, white, gray and silver were the colours for the tree since they complimented the outside signage.  Adding all the white helped tie in the white walls.  The bold red mesh ribbon and sequence red star are a dramatic contrast that can be seen from a distance. Every detail right down to the gray satin tree skirt with the crystals create a polished look.

Introducing a black chair helped create an atmosphere of a living room which we felt was important for a condominium building.  We kept a circular theme that was inspired by the name of the building ‘SOHO’.   Adding layers with luscious pillows adds softness and texture. Red sequins is another element that we kept repeating since it reflects the light.

Continuing with the circuluar theme, these two wreaths hung together with red ribbon adds another contemporary focul point in the space. The large red circles can be seen from a far distance and it continues with the same colour theme.


The easiest and most cost effective way to fill up the space is to wrap large boxes and decorate each one with the complimentary colour scheme.

Creating window displays and staging a home for resale are actually very similar.  It’s all about clean, simple lines, and creating an atmosphere of a ‘desired lifestyle’ with the use of colour and dramatic accents.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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