Now that the weather is getting colder, nothing warms up a room faster than drapes.

We are lucky that there is a huge variety of inexpensive ready-to-hang drapes available in all colours, texture and lengths.  Check out your local home stores like Bouclair, Walmart, Home Depot, IKEA, Canadian Tire and Sears for a wide affordable variety.

If a house has all boring white walls and the homeowners aren’t willing to paint, adding a punch of colour with drapes is an easy quick fix.  Tall long drapes add height to rooms and a whole lot of drama.  Choose colours that compliment the furniture, artwork and flooring.  If you want the rooms to appear larger but still have the softness from the fabric, choose a colour that is similar to the wall colour so it doesn’t break up the space.  I always hang my drapes just beyond  the width of the windows so they visually expand the wall width and allow in as much light as possible. In most cases you are better to hang the drapes as high as possible but make sure they just skim the bottom of the base boards.  Shorter drapes that don’t go down to the floor make the room look choppy. Choose simple rods that compliment the other hardware in the room or a simple black rod always works.

Shears are another simple fix if the view is less than desirable.  They let the light in but soften the room and distract the unappealing view.  Shears are especially nice at night instead of black glass.  No lace drapes please! It gets dark a lot earlier at this time of year so you have to think when buyers will be walking through the house. Don’t only think about the look of a room but also seriously consider the ‘feel’ of the room.

Vertical blinds might be functional and practical but they are definitely dated when staging your house.  They should be replaced with side drapes that have large grommets that are easy to pull closed for privacy but open during the day.

You will always get a good return for your drapes since they are inexpensive and are usually added in the list of items that stay with the house.


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