Last week I received a call from a homeowner to stage his house since it had been on the market for a few months with no offers.  I went in and transformed every room.  That very same night after the staging they received an offer by the very first person that walked through!!!!!!!!! Not bad 🙂

He was so happy he asked me to stage another one of his properties that he has been trying to sell.  He sent me photos of this condo and Styled & Staged immediately put a plan in place.  I knew that he had the perfect furnishings in the house that he just sold last week.

In one day, he rented a U-Haul and we removed everything from the condo that I wanted removed and brought in the furniture that I wanted from his sold house.  Just by looking at the photos I was able to bring in all the appropriate accessories for a contemporary polished look that young buyers would be looking for.  That’s very stressful since I didn’t want to forget anything. Sometimes scale can be very different than what a picture looks like and in some rooms I couldn’t see the entire space so I had to guess. I normally would have done a project like this over a few visits but this was an exception.

We all worked really well as a team and were able to completely transform this entire condo within a few hours.  Just as we took the final sweep with the broom the buzzer was ringing for a showing!  Now, that’s cutting it close for time 🙂  I’m sure this condo will be sold very soon!

BEFORE – this furniture didn’t do any justice to the modern condo.  Remember, buyers are not buying your furniture but they are buying a “perceived” lifestyle.
AFTER – the new furniture is much more in keeping with the style of the condo. It’s amazing how an area rug can warm up the space and also help define the living room in an open concept room.
AFTER – bringing in smaller plants also allowed for more seating which is always important. I was able to use all their previous drapes.


BEFORE – I just didn’t feel there was any colour flow through the condo and the artwork was hung too high. The light switch is almost in middle of the wall so they hung their artwork above it which just draws attention to it.
AFTER – the starburst mirror allowed me to hang it lower and the light switch is still completely accessible. This is the first focal point you see when you enter the condo so it had to be just right.
condo2 - Copy
BEFORE – when selling your house always look at what is staying and enhance that. In this case it’s the green accent tile in the kitchen. They had already carried that same green into the two other rooms and two bathrooms
AFTER – I enhanced the green through artwork and accessories.
AFTER – in order for the green to not be overpowering I added artwork with the pops of orange so I could incorporate more colours. In open concept condos, it’s always better to choose a few colour and continue the flow from room to room since everything is visible
BEFORE – this second room was originally set up as a bedroom but I thought most buyers in this market would use it as an office
AFTER – this room now looks spacious and makes more sense to be an office off the living room and have the patio doors out to the balcony. I was lucky that the homeowner was willing to bring all this furniture from his other house
BEFORE – this master bedroom way missing the ‘wow’ factor that young buyers are looking for
AFTER – now this master suite feels like a calming retreat. Once again, I was thankful that owner was willing to bring in his furniture from his other house.


AFTER – I purposely kept the soothing green but only added the gray and white from the living room through the accessories. I didn’t add any orange to make if feel very different from the other rooms. They didn’t have a dresser but this sofa/console table serves the purpose to show buyers where they could put a dresser.
BEFORE – this is a beautiful en-suite but it wasn’t memorable when quickly looking through MLS photos
AFTER – sometimes all you need is a little bit of artwork and fresh flowers to enhance the beauty
BEFORE – since both bathrooms were painted the same colour I really wanted buyers to see that there are actually two bathrooms and not just one
AFTER – adding completely different style of artwork helps to differentiate the two bathrooms and make it less confusing on the MLS



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