Right before Easter is the best time of year to buy lush palm trees at affordable prices.  This is a display at Walmart, but they are also sold in grocery stores, Costco, and IKEA just to name a few.  Hard to beat $12.97 for this much impact.

When I stage homes I always love to add greenery since it adds colour, texture and life.  These palm trees are ideal for filling in empty spaces.  Some homeowners say that they can’t take care of live plants but at this price it they only last while their house is on the market, they’ve done their job.

If you take care of them they can also be used later on in the season outside in the garden, deck and poolside for a tropical feel.  Adding decorative pots helps dress them up as well.  Putting them in urns adds height and grandeur.

Just remember they need lots of light.  Enjoy!



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