I am all for homeowners decorating their homes with their own personal style and taste.  It would be boring if all our homes were the same.  However, the purpose of staging is to have the décor appeal to the masses to increase your odds of selling your home.  The good part about staging is that you can always just pack up your favourite things and display them in your next home.

These homeowner’s had a strong sense of their own style and they were extremely creative, artistic and musical.  I was very lucky that they were artists so I had a huge selection of artwork to choose from.  This always keeps costs down.

Styled & Staged had to really be selective about which pieces to remove and which pieces to display.

BEFORE – when I first walked into the home I instantly saw that the family had outgrown their space. This is a red flag for buyers. Always make the rooms look large with ‘breathing’ space so it’s not cluttered.
BEFORE – I was in sensory overdrive with so much to look at. I knew that once all the little pieces of artwork came off the walls they would have to be painted. Styled & Staged chose a light neutral tan colour called Natural Linen
Staging pictures by Styled & Staged
AFTER -Painting the walls Natural Linen gave an instant fresh look. Removing more than half the furniture really helped too. There is still ample seating. I exchanged the artwork and lamps from another room since they worked really well in this room.  Now you actually notice all the architectural details of the house.
BEFORE – this adjoining dining room had a Medieval theme with dark rich colours and tapestries. They loved their chandelier so I suggested that they replace it now.
There was so many collectible items in this room that they couldn’t even open the dining table.
Stagin pictures by Styled & Staged
AFTER – time was an issue so they only painted the one navy wall with the same Natural Linen colour to brighten the room. We used one of the homeowner’s painting that pulled the colours together and made it more contemporary. They stored all the extra furniture in a POD which is a great service.
Staging pictures by Styled & Staged
AFTER – now the table can be opened up and actually used. The new light fixture also adds a modern touch. Notice how the colours flow from room to room


BEFORE – they had carried the navy blue  from the dining  into the kitchen walls and even the ceiling which made the room feel smaller.
Staging pictures by Styled & Staged
AFTER – continuing the Natural Linen into the kitchen made it look huge since it was the same colour as the tile backsplash. Changing the direction of the table also gave more space in the work area. Replacing the lace curtain with a white blind also made if feel fresh.  Painting the ceiling made if feel so much taller.
BEFORE – although there was good colour flow, the striped wallpaper would not appeal to the masses and once again it closed the room in
Staging pictures by Styled & Staged
AFTER – I was lucky the homeowners were willing to remove the paper and do so much painting but they were so happy with the results too. Notice how I switched the lamps and artwork from the back sun room to the living room. I love going into a house with a fresh set of eyes and seeing different ways to use their own things.

These homeowners were an absolute joy to work with since they were so willing and accommodating.  Every single room in the house had a complete transformation.  I’m sure this house will sell quickly and they can move into their next dream home.


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