I was very lucky that these homeowners had a nice town home and furniture to start with.  Styled & Staged went in and gave the homeowners a long “to-do” list and once that was done, we were able to work our magic with rental inventory from Styled & Staged.  These homeowners are moving far away so they didn’t want to buy anything that they would have to ship later on. Renting inventory is the quick, affordable and easy way to transform a house for resale.

IMG_8870 (1024x683)
AFTER – This is how Styled & Staged can transform your house!
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BEFORE – The fireplace should always be the focal point since that is what you are buying. The love seat is also too large for the space and covers all the window
IMG_8762 (1024x683)
BEFORE – the artwork is hung too high and it’s not the right proportion for the sofa
IMG_8766 (1024x683)
BEFORE – the accent wall is a very nice colour but there weren’t  any accessories to pull the colours together. The area rug was also too brown which clashed with the wheat walls. If you don’t want to paint your walls when you are selling your house then you have to at least make the colours work so buyers can see the full potential
IMG_8876 (1024x683)
AFTER – changing the drapes that were the same colour as the walls made the fireplace stand out more. Adding the decorative mirror and greenery also created a focal point. The area rug belonged to the homeowner and it really anchored up the room. Renting artwork instantly pulled the colours together
IMG_8872 (1024x683)
AFTER – there is a nice flow in the open space and we brought in accessories to match their current décor so nothing stands out.
IMG_8759 (1024x683)
BEFORE – the border had to go. It actually made the kitchen feel smaller and dated!
IMG_8761 (1024x683)
BEFORE – if you have a large enough kitchen for a table – show it off!!! It’s a huge selling feature
IMG_8866 (1024x683)
AFTER – this looks like a completely updated kitchen
IMG_8867 (1024x683)
AFTER – notice how I carried the same colours from the adjoining room
IMG_8715 (1024x683)
BEFORE – Finished basements are a huge selling feature especially in a town home. The homeowners were not planning on taking all their tan sofas with them so I told them to get rid of them now since it wasn’t helping sell this house. Notice the red carpet is now upstairs in the living room
IMG_8859 (1024x683)
AFTER – once the tan furniture was removed, the loveseat from the living room was brought downstairs. Adding softer lamps and light bulbs made a huge difference as well. Never underestimate how different light bulbs can change the atmosphere and mood. The area rug was brought down from the living room and it works well with the tan walls.
IMG_8721 (1024x683)
BEFORE – Master bedrooms are so important. The homeowner had beautiful furniture but lacked in colour. They had a new set of bed linens that they wanted to use but they were still very neutral which don’t do well in photos
IMG_8740 (1024x683)
BEFORE – there was too much of a contrast with the dark furniture and light walls and light linens
IMG_8883 (1024x683)
AFTER – I pulled the light blue from the linens by adding blue drapes and throw blanket and pillow for some colour
IMG_8884 (1024x683)
AFTER – simple things like adding a runner and blue candle broke up all the dark wood which gives a softer look
IMG_8751 (1024x683)
IMG_8879 (1024x683)
AFTER – simply changing the drapes made the room look more fresh. They also changed the dated ceiling light fixture


IMG_8752 (1024x683)
BEFORE – this room had way too much furniture and we wanted it to appeal to younger children


IMG_8880 (1024x683)
AFTER – hanging new drapes and artwork gave the room the pop of colour. The homeowner had the linens. Removing the headboard also gained about 8 inches. Removing the long dresser and mirror opened up the room and this more typical of what a child would have for furniture. Always think of who your buyers are






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