Sometimes life just gets really busy for homeowners and decorating isn’t a priority,  so when it’s time to sell their house they need the help of Styled & Staged to pull the rooms together so they appeal to the masses.  Remember living in a house so it’s functional for YOU doesn’t always work for everyone else.  When clients are open and willing to do what is necessary everyone wins.

BEFORE -The mustard coloured walls need to be painted since the colour clashed with the wood floor tone. There were also too many ‘little’ pictures which was distracting
AFTER – less is more! I completely simplified this room. The homeowners rented a solid colour area rug, large arwork and drapes for both the dining and the living room from Styled & Staged. The dining room window now has more presence and a more ‘homey’ feel to it. Notice how the colours flow in the two rooms. The walls were also painted in a lighter. tan colour which is a great backdrop for buyers
BERFORE – this room was just too cluttered and the beautiful bay window wasn’t a focal point.
AFTER – drape panels along with the wooden blinds really showcase the bay window. Buyers can also get a great sense of scale when they see furniture laid out like this. The floors looks really rich in colour thanks to the new accessories from Styled and Staged
BEFORE – I was so happy that the homeowner was willing to paint the master bedroom. The mix match of furniture and intense pumpkin walls didn’t showcase this room
AFTER – I was inspired when I saw this shoji screen folded up in the storage area. I knew it would be the perfect headboard and it would save in costs since we wouldn’t need artwork. Once the walls were painted a soft tan colour everything fell into place. I added the red drapes and a few other pops of red pulled this rooms together into a nice zen master bedroom
BEFORE – this bedroom was used as a ‘catch-all’ but there was no way buyers could see the potential the way it was. The bed was also very large for the room so I had to figure a way out to make it feel as large as possible
AFTER – painting the walls the same light tan colour automatically made it feel larger instead of the two colours. Since they didn’t have any furniture other than the bed for this room I removed the top of the dresser (see master bedroom before picture) and moved it into this room. The dresser also serves as a night table. Keeping all the linens and drapes white keeps the room feeling light and airy
BEFORE – the home office/music room definitely needed some editing
AFTER – I wanted buyers to see this room not only as an office but also as a bedroom. Drapes and artwork from Styled & Staged instantly give the room more character and buyers can see where to put a bed based on where the desk is placed.
BEFORE – lots of work was getting done in the house! When you have a kitchen that is large enough for an eat-in area it’s always good to show that off
AFTER – since the homeowner didn’t have a table I used a ‘decorator table with a table cloth and glass top’ to set the ‘stage’.  Not only did the table cloth and fruit add a pop of colour but it shows buyers how much room is there.  It just makes the room more inviting
AFTER – this is now a functional dream kitchen 🙂



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