When staging your home for resale you always want the MLS pictures to draw in buyers.  Builder beige walls don’t give any ‘wow’ factor but homeowners often don’t or can’t paint the walls for various reasons.  My job is to come up with inexpensive yet effective solutions with keeping the builders beige walls.

Here are 5 simple solutions by Styled & Staged:

1. Drapes – don’t worry.  I’m not talking about custom drapes.  Each of these drape panels were $10 each and the rods were about $15 each.  They frame the window and create a focal point.

2. Artwork – I always use large canvas artwork for the most impact.  I always use artwork that keeps the integrity of the home and the homeowner’s furniture.

3. Accessories -once you’ve chosen the artwork you can add the same colours in the toss cushions, candles, dishes etc

4. Bed Linens – you want buyers to see that each bedroom is very different from one another or they lose track if all the walls are the same builders beige.  You want kids to claim a room for themselves as their own as they walk through the house so it’s important to consider the demographics of who your potential buyers will be

5. Lighting – in order for a home to feel more inviting you want to create different levels of lighting.  This is easily done with attractive chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps and pot lights.  If you only have overhead lighting it can be harsh on the eyes.  Table lamps add atmosphere and ambiance.

BEFORE – nice furniture and chandelier but the room lacked colour
AFTER – Adding bold colourful artwork inspired the colours for the table linens and added drama to the room
BEFORE – Even though a lot of formal living rooms really aren’t used, you still want to showcase them since they are usually the first room you see as you enter the house.
AFTER – removing the patterned area rug made the room feel larger. Adding artwork, lamps and a few accessories was all it took to complete this room.
BEFORE – this bedroom wouldn’t appeal to anyone the way it is here. I used the artwork (leaning against the wall) as my inspiration
AFTER – using the colours in the artwork I added drapes, and bold bed linens. This room will now be remembered
BEFORE – there was really nice furniture in this room but it lacked character. The homeowner bought new linens and I used that as my inspiration
AFTER – hanging red drape panels to compliment the linens beyond the window makes the window look much larger and adds more colour to the room. Adding bold graphic artwork keeps the room simple and clean looking.
BEFORE – Once again the homeowner had nice furniture but the room didn’t look
AFTER – moving the furniture around helped with the traffic flow. As usual I used artwork for the colour inspiration. This room is calm and soothing with the soft colours but it’s definitely not boring.


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