4 Bedroom Make Overs You Won’t Believe!

I worked on this house for several months getting it ready to sell. This family home had been filled with love for many decades but it was time to bring it up to date for a new family to enjoy.  My job as a Stager is to make the house appeal to the masses and make it as current as possible within a budget and time line.  The family was so wonderful and accommodating to work with. Whenever there are major renovations, there are always delays and unexpected expenses.  As the renovations were happening, the family decided to keep adding new changes since they could see the benefits of what we were doing. 

Master Bedroom

IMG 5549
After all the furniture was removed and the floor was sanded and refinished. The floor looked brand new after it was done.  The walls were painted and the ceiling fan was switched out.
IMG 3412 800x533 2
The only furniture that was left in this room was the king size bed so I had to create an illusion of a fully furnished bedroom with some props. When staging a room, you don’t have to have the exact furniture but it’s important to show the scale for buyers. This sofa table gives the illusion of what a dresser would look like in that spot.


IMG 3579
New linens set the tone for a relaxing and sophisticated bedroom.
IMG 3580
Accessories add ambiance to the room. It’s little details that make the rooms memorable.
IMG 3414 800x533 2
Notice how the teal drapes were pulled from the colours in the artwork.
IMG 3576 800x533 2
Symmetry is very important in staging. It keeps the room looking calm so buyers are looking at the space and not all the ‘stuff’ in the room.

Bedroom #2

IMG 5543
The panelled walls in all the kid’s rooms decreased the value of the house. The first thing that was done was new drywall was installed, the carpets were ripped up and the floors were refinished.  Fortunately, there was hardwood throughout the house.Then the walls were painted.
IMG 3571
The room felt so much larger with the lighter wall colour. We brought in all the linens, area and accessories to finish off this room. Even replacing the fan with a flush mount made the ceiling feel higher. I didn’t want to hang curtain rods after all the new drywall was installed.

IMG 5547

IMG 3433 800x533 2
It would have been too expensive to replace all the interior doors since they were all custom sizes, but painting them white and replacing the hardware made a huge difference.

IMG 3536

Bedroom #3

IMG 5522 800x533 1
Once again, the walls were dry-walled and then painted. The floors were also re-strained. The large ceiling fans were too large for these rooms.
IMG 3564 800x533 2
I wanted to show that the rooms could be fun and youthful even with a neutral colour paint.

IMG 3581

Bedroom #4

IMG 5534 800x533 1
This bedroom was a mirror image of the other bedroom.
IMG 3567
When rooms are similar in size and shape, it’s important to make them look very different from each other so buyers don’t get confused when they’re looking at the MLS photos.

IMG 3570 800x533 2

I couldn’t be happier with these transformations considering the lack of furniture we had to work with.  Thankfully Styled & Staged had the perfect accessories to pull it together. 


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