These three simple tips can make any living space feel larger.

1. Reduce Wall Paint Colours

Painting the living room the same colour as the dining room was a dramatic difference and it really made the room look larger.

Not only did I ask the homeowners to paint the living room, I also asked them to paint the bright yellow staircase since you saw it from every room in the house.  When rooms are chopped up with different paint colours, it stops the flow from one room to the other.  I chose to continue with their dining room colour since it was the most neutral for buyers.  We had a strict timeline, so I needed to choose my priorities wisely.

2. Reduce Bold Patterns and Small Artwork

I replaced the bold drapes with softer more subdued ones that tied in with my artwork.  Removing the patterned rug also made the space feel larger.  Normally I add large solid area rugs but this house didn’t need it. Although some the cushions have a pattern, they are not overpowering.

Also notice how I used one large piece of artwork above the sofa in soft colours and then pulled those colours for the accessories.  Everything is light and airy. Glass is wonderful for that.

3. Simplify Rooms

This family was moving across Canada and they weren’t going to take their piano with them so I strongly urged them to remove it now.  I knew I was asking a lot but I also knew that they couldn’t leave it in the house when they moved (unless the off chance that the buyers wanted to buy it).  This is the time to sell or donate anything that you are not taking with you if it doesn’t enhance your current space.

Thanks to Marketplace, the piano was literally removed minutes before I Staged the house and that was exciting since it gave me an actual dining room to decorate.  Now the room liked like a proper dining room with the new furniture configuration.

I would have loved to hang a light fixture but since we weren’t sure until the very last minute where the table was going to be based on the piano staying or going, it wasn’t possible.

They only had two dining chairs and I knew they didn’t want to buy any more furniture before they moved.  I found these great black chairs at Costco that really suited this table and their Realtor, Chris Scott generously bought them so he could add them to his inventory.  We work together all the time so it’s nice to keep adding pieces that I know I can use in the future as well.

I just kept my accessories/artwork simple and in the same colour palette so buyers look at the room instead of the ‘stuff’.  I love how the black chairs anchor the room and also tie in with the black iron base of their living room glass coffee table.

Never block or put clutter on half-walls.  Buyers are looking for open-concept living.  Even though this isn’t a true open-concept,  you can clearly see from one room to the other.

Stay tuned for more transformations of this house.  The homeowners worked extremely hard and did an incredible job in a very short timeline.

No one ever said that Staging a house or living in a Staged house is easy, but Staging definitely works!!!


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