I always try to keep costs down for everyone when it comes to Staging a house but sometimes, there is a need to rent furniture as well as accessories.

Tip #1 Furniture Rentals

This is a very high end home and they were looking for top dollar, but unfortunately their 30 year old furniture was not giving the impression that the homeowners wanted. The wanted to throw this furniture out and rent new furniture since they didn’t know what they were moving to.

The room instantly felt transformed with the furniture rental. Adding the oversized ivory area rug also made conversation area more intimate.  When choosing what furniture to rent, think of the ideal furniture layout to give the most seating and works best with the flow of the room.  Also consider the style of the house and who you think the target market is.

Tip #2 Don’t close off doorways

Because they had a sofa and a loveseat, the sofa completely blocked off the huge entrance into the kitchen.

I chose to bring in two chairs to give just as much seating, but it allowed you to easily walk into the kitchen or the hallway.  Everyone is looking for open-concept living, so don’t close the rooms off with furniture.

Tip #3 Showcase the Focal Points

Buyers are buying the fireplace, so make it stand out.  Adding bold artwork is the easiest way to draw attention to it.  It also gives you the colour palette to work with for the accessories.

Obviously rental costs are a factor, but this house sold on the first day! Do it right the first time.


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