Not all homeowners have either the time, manpower or desire to paint all the rooms in the house before they list their house to sell.  Staging is usually done in a very short time frame.  Sometimes I only get a couple days from the time I get the call from the Realtor to when the photos need to be taken.  Here are some easy quick tips to help transform any room without having to paint the walls.


Before - this pale yellow room didn't have enough 'umph' to it and the bare window looked cold


After - adding artwork with the same yellow plus the blue gave us inspiration for the blue drapes. The fresh white linens are a nice contrast to the yellow walls. Removing the area rug showed off the beautiful floors

All bedrooms should have fresh clean linens.  Adding drapes made the yellow room feel cozier.  Yellow can be a hard colour ot work with if there isn’t any other colour incorporated.


Before - I personally love this paint colour for a bedroom but the dark saturated colour on the walls didn't show very well since there wasn't anything pulling the colours together. Their mirror wasn't giving the room any colour
After - adding large artwork with different shades of the paint colour plus the ivory give the room an instant boost. Adding little hits of ivory throughout the room make it appear larger and brighter
After - hanging the mirror opposite the windowover the dresser also reflects more light

Lighting is so important in bedrooms since there is often no ceiling fixture.  Homes are often viewed at night so make sure there is ample lighting for buyers to see the space.

Before - this bedroom is being used as a music room but I wanted buyers to see that it had a lot of potential
After - adding large artwork helps with the scale and drama to a pretty empty room. Adding the side drapes makes the window appear larger and lets in more light. Once most of the furniture was removed I wanted buyers to remember the room so the punch of red makes a statement

Neutral paint colours are perfect for staging your home but neutral paint does not mean that the room has to be boring.  Adding artwork, fresh linens and drapes gives any bedroom an instant makeover.











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