Styled & Staged walked into this house yesterday morning and there was basically no furnishings in most of the rooms and other rooms had too much ‘stuff’.  I knew I only had 24 hours to turn the house around before the photographer was coming so it was ‘battle’ stations.  After my first visit I went back and searched through all my inventory to give this home the ‘wow’ factor that it deserved. Then I was back this morning transforming every room in the house before the photographer arrived.  It’s all the hours behind the scenes that people don’t see.  It’s challenging to bring everything you need to completely transform an entire house in one visit.  We couldn’t fit another thing in the care 🙂   Here are a just a few rooms of this lovely home.

BEFORE – There was no need for the TV to be the focal point to this room wihen there was already a large family room.
AFTER – once the TV was gone and the furniture was re-arranged we could add artwork to inspire some colour. Adding the ivory area rug and drapes enhanced the fireplace mantle
BEFORE- There was an extra sofa that was just in the way and the room lacked colour
AFTER – now the window with the beautiful view is the focal point of the room . There is a better traffic flow as well


BEFORE – the dining room had no personality and the chandelier was dated
AFTER – the new chandelier complimented all the other light fixtures in the house. The horse artwork was appropriate for this country home. Carrying the blue from the living room keeps the space feeling large. Adding the same drapes as the living room also brighten up the space.
AFTER – all the colours flow from room to room
BEFORE – This master bedroom didn’t have any personality and it felt very dark with the paint colour
AFTER – This room was no painted. Adding the fresh white linens, drapes and artwork brighten up the room. Having the balance of two night tables and matching lamps also add elegance. Now this room has a ‘hotel chic’ feel.
BEFORE – Selling a house with empty rooms can be very challenging. This room looks so much smaller than it is.
AFTER – Now buyers can see that they can easily fit a lot of furniture in this room. We brought down the TV from the living room as well as the extra sofa from the living room.  Adding all Styled & Staged inventory did wonders for this home.



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