10 Quick Simple Exterior Clean Ups to Do Now

This is the first week in the Ottawa area that we can actually start cleaning up the yard for staging.  Curb appeal is so important! Even though it’s still a bit too early for planting any annuals, there are still lots of things that you can do to help create a positive first and lasting impression. We are always in a rush walking into our house everyday and we really don’t stop to see what others see.  Here are 10 little simple things that you can do right now.  I’ll give more curb appeal ideas once the garden centers open and it’s warm enough to paint.

10 simple things you can do right now whether you’re selling your house or just getting ready to enjoy your home:

  1. Rake the yard and remove any old garbage or branches that have blown into your yard over the winter.  Yes, this also means the dog poop.
  2. Sweep the driveway and front step and clean around the front door – do the same in the back yard.  Remember, exterior photos are taken in the front and back.
  3. Clean your windows.
  4. Clean or replace light fixtures, number signs and mail box if needed. These can be painted inside if it’s too cold to paint outdoors.
  5. Clean out the garage.  I’m sure there are things in there that can but purged.  Then you have more room if you need to store some boxes.
  6. Remove any signs of Christmas. It amazes me how may Christmas wreaths are still hanging on the front door – remove the lights as well.
  7. Buy a new door mat for a pop of colour or a black one depending on the style of your home.  They come in so many sizes, colours and price points.
  8. Add some cushions or an outdoor carpet on the deck/patio for a pop of colour. Replace your BBQ if necessary.  Clean the deck.
  9. Clean the patio furniture and create an inviting entertaining space – even if it’s a balcony.  Every square foot is valuable real estate.
  10. Put a large planter(s) by the front door/deck/balcony.  You can buy little evergreens now that you can put in them to give the wow factor.  You can also fill them with branches and pussy willows.

Everyone’s house looks a little ‘blah’ at this time of year without flowers or green grass but hopefully these simple tips will help.  The tidier you can make your home look, the better it will look in the MLS photos.


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